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How it works

Your path to comprehensive group benefits
Step 1: Discovery

Understanding your goals and Uncovering Opportunities

Our consulting model begins with a comprehensive discovery phase. 

We ask you targeted questions to gain a deep understanding of your goals, coverage gaps, and desired outcomes.

This allows us to create a tailored plan that aligns with your unique needs and helps you plan for the future by identifying areas where we can save you money through tax strategies, capped rates, and other cost-saving measures.

Together, we lay the foundation for a robust benefits package that maximizes value for both your business and your employees.

Step 2: Analytics

Data-Driven Insights and Market Exploration

We dive into the wealth of market data at our disposal, study companies of similar size and profile, and analyze claims and utilization patterns to identify areas for improvement.

If needed, we compare your coverage to other companies in your industry and provide benchmarking reports.

This data-driven approach ensures that your benefits package is optimized to deliver maximum value and aligns with industry best practices.


Step 3: Review and implementation

Continuous improvement for long-term success

With a clear understanding of your needs, we move into the review and implementation phase.

Our team takes the lead in rolling out your new benefits program with dedicated support for your plan administrator, including training calls on the new platform and assisting in employee communications. 

Our goal is to lighten the administrative burden on your team, allowing them to focus on the critical tasks.

Step 4: Monitoring And Optimization

Fine-tuning for maximum value

Work doesn't stop once your benefits plan is implemented. 

We proactively monitor your plan throughout the policy year running quarterly analytics and updates to help us identify any red flags or emerging trends that may impact your plan's performance.

Our ongoing commitment to optimizing your plan ensures that you stay ahead of the curve, save money, and continuously improve your benefits offering.

Step 5: Evaluation and renewal

Ongoing support for long term success

At renewal time, we examine the performance of your benefits package, closely reviewing its impact on your business and employee satisfaction.

Leveraging our negotiation skills and underwriting expertise, we engage in productive discussions with insurance carriers to secure the best possible renewal rates.  

We provide you with clear insights and recommendations that empowers informed decisions. 


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