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Your Partner in Employee Benefits Solutions

The world of group benefits is changing. 

The best employees expect more.

The group insurance industry relies on antiquated processes that lack innovation, speed, and clarity. Outdated insurance methods used by traditional providers have resulted in increased costs, employee dissatisfaction, and an increase in absenteeism. 

In response, HR directors seek new options, CFOs want top talent within budget, and business owners adjust compensation.

At Rampart, we take care of all of this for you.

We're embracing modern solutions to help with administration, wellness, mental health, and cost-saving. We assist you throughout your plan’s lifecycle with support, surveys, and communication. We’re here to help you navigate a complex industry and advise with industry experience and insights to help your business grow. 

Unlock a world of positive outcomes and benefits, like: 

  • ⦾ lower rates
  • ⦾ extended rate guarantees
  • ⦾ access to new products

And avoid the negative consequences of inaction, such as:  

  • ⦾ dissatisfied employees
  • ⦾ administrative burdens
  • ⦾ employer liability

It’s time to embark on a journey of modern, comprehensive, and tailored group benefits solutions. 

Join the growing community of businesses that have discovered a new way to approach group benefits. Let’s create a brighter future for your organization and its most valuable asset: your people.

Meet our amazing team

  • tim-pal-rampart-benefits
    Tim Pal
    Consultant: Group Benefits

    As the lead advisor, Tim collaborates with you to formulate a comprehensive group insurance strategy. He actively contributes to plan implementation and facilitates effective communication with employees. Tim conducts quarterly reviews throughout the lifespan of your plan, offering valuable advice to help you efficiently manage your plan.

  • Rampart - Bio pics - Mary Som
    Mary Som
    Operations Manager

    Mary oversees our clients' day-to-day administrative responsibilities and serves as a reliable support system for plan administrators seeking guidance at every stage of their plan's lifecycle. As the primary expert on implementation and enrollment, Mary lightens the load of managing a group benefits plan, making her an invaluable resource for plan administrators.

  • andy-anderson-rampart-benefits
    Andy Anderson
    Consultant: Benefits and Pension

    As a senior advisor, Andy brings extensive experience to the table. Andy's expertise in actuarial science is highly valuable during the renewal negotiation process, guaranteeing that your policy receives the most competitive rates available in the marketplace. With meticulous attention to detail, Andy proves to be an invaluable resource.

  • james-ward-ramprt-benefits
    James Ward
    Consultant: Taxation & Life Insurance

    As a corporate tax accountant, James possesses a deep understanding of Canadian tax legislation, which greatly benefits our clients. He employs tax-efficient strategies to provide valuable resources.


  • dan-oshaughnessy-rampart-benefits
    Dan O’Shaughnessy
    Consultant: Life Insurance

    Dan's extensive expertise is sought after by business owners seeking to maximize the benefits of permanent life insurance policies within their corporate framework. Moreover, Dan actively dedicates his time as a volunteer at CAMH, exemplifying our firm's commitment to mental health. In alignment with this, we actively advocate for wellness strategies to help our corporate clients thrive.