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Improve employee satisfaction and your bottom line. 

From employees' health to business performance: optimize investment decisions for better outcomes.

Learn how CFOs use Rampart to: 

  • Unlock financial efficiencies
  • Foster employee engagement
  • Streamline administration
  • Get the latest market insights

Get a free audit, benchmarked rates, and a risk assessment.

Create a cost-effective employee benefits strategy

Drive Financial Efficiency with Advanced Cost Optimization

Stop struggling to understand if your company’s insurance spending is appropriate, efficient, and aligned with your annual goals. Rampart's extensive industry expertise and actuarial models assess your current carriers’ rates and benchmark them against the market.

Get peace of mind knowing your insurance spend is fair, cost-effective, and with maximum ROI. 

rampart - Group benefits costs

Foster Employee Well-being and Engagement with an Empowered Workforce

Tired of disengaged employees, reduced productivity, and increased turnover?

With Rampart, you gain access to a range of wellness and mental health resources, that take a proactive approach and contribute to a positive company culture, reduce absenteeism, and support the long-term success of the company.

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Streamline Admin with an Integrated HRIS System

Paperwork is time-consuming, error-prone, and hinders productivity which prevents your team from focusing on strategic initiatives.

Rampart gives you seamless integration of systems to reduce administrative burdens and enhance efficiency, accuracy and employee engagement. Free your valuable time and enable strategic decision-making with lower costs and more efficient use of resources so you can drive growth an innovation. 

Rampart - bring your systems together

Make Informed Decisions with the Latest Market trends & Insights

Staying up-to-date in the complex landscape of employee benefits shouldn’t rest solely on your shoulders, especially if it leads to potential compliance risks and missed opportunities.

Rampart helps you gain a new perspective with benchmarking reports, competitive data, and legislative changes,  to help you navigate the toughest decisions. 

rampart - data informed decisions

At Rampart, we're dedicated to helping CFOs simplify group benefits management while offering competitive pricing and robust benefits for the modern employee.

Follow us, stay informed, and don't hesitate to contact us for a benefits consultation.

With Rampart Benefits, you can feel confident that you're getting the best value for your company and your employees.

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